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Source of supply for your PPE, consumables and other items is at the discretion of the client. That means you retain the independence to competitively bid the supply of your PPE and other consumables and keep your costs down.

Our experience is that you can expect to save at least 30% on your usage and even up to 60% on some items. This regularly results in cost savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients. On top of that you save time by eliminating waiting for service at the stores counter and the need to fill out and approve supply requisitions. Your OS&H administration people will also save time AND importantly have the data they need to truly manage and control PPE usage.

Again, you have the freedom to stock whatever products you choose. Whether it be PPE or consumables such as drill bits, stationery items, adhesives, batteries, sunscreens or other products. Your only limitation is the physical size and weight of an item, but our flexible machine set-ups can accomodate a range of different products. To find the right machine to suit your products and site, click here.

Yes. This can be done with the internet enabled option. This system allows you to create different user groups (say production and maintenance) and then restrict access to certain types of products for that group. In this way you help ensure staff are using the right gear for the right task.

Yes – depending on the type of cards you are using and the current security arrangements you have in place. Any integration will require some work to be done with the cooperation of your IT people and security card provider. For the manual system there is also an option of applying an adhesive magnetic strip to your existing employee cards.

We supply access cards to our customers which they then issue to each individual user. These are similar in size to a normal credit card and can be printed with your company logo and other details you require. Alternatively, we can issue you with a key tag or fob.

Again, the choice is up to the client. You have the option of using your own staff, Industrial Vending Systems or another third party provider. It is not difficult to refill a machine and care needs to be taken to ensure trouble free dispensing. It usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes to completely fill a machine.

Sites for your machines are up to you providing they are under cover to protect the machine from the weather and to avoid overheating of products. We suggest you place the machines where your staff can easily access them to maximise efficiency of movement e.g. near crib rooms, start of shift areas, plant access points, workshops etc. If your site is remote with poor GPRS coverage you will need to provide an ethernet connection.

The majority of items can be vended without any special packaging. That’s because we are able to tailor each “slot” with the right set-up to match the products and ensure trouble free operation. We can advise you on suitability on an individual product basis.