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Wellness Stations

Supporting Healthier, Happier Workplaces
with the IVS Wellness Station

1 in 3 Australians will experience some level of mental health challenge in the workplace, with 70% of the global workforce saying 2020 was the most stressful year ever. At Industrial Vending Systems, we believe this is too high.

Using our expertise in point of use solutions, we’ve developed a unique and innovative way to support mental health and wellbeing programs in the workplace through the IVS Wellness Stations.

The Wellness Station is a highly visible, self-service solution for employees to easily access a range of practical tools and products that can help improve wellbeing, general health and happiness.

Developing visible strategies for a healthy workplace provides a framework to:

  • Promote mental wellbeing
  • Minimise mental health risk in the workplace
  • Support people experiencing mental health issues, and;
  • Reduce stigma associated with mental health conditions

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76% of people believe their employer should be doing more to protect their mental health.


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Benefits of the Wellness Station

  • 24/7 self-service access to wellness & mental health products
  • Greater visibility of resources and programs
  • Openly show your support for prioritising mental health in the workplace
  • Provide safe spaces at work and reduce the stigma around seeking help
  • Flexible setup and product selection to suit your programs, workplace and employee preferences
  • Real time data reporting tracks usage and stock levels

Tailored Solutions

Your Wellness Station will be stocked with your choice of wellness and mental health resources and products, which may include your company’s own products and wellbeing materials.

Employees then use our custom access cards, existing employee cards, FOB keys or similar (integrated with our online management system) for 24/7 access to wellness products.

The Wellness Station vending machines themselves are extremely reliable, with a flexible setup and style that will be tailored to suit your needs. Enquire now to set up a trial for your site or workplace.

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